Bermuda Open

Welcome to Bermuda Open Studios, an open door to contemporary art studios in The Hague NL

Upcoming edition
9-10 November 2024

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Part of Ruimtevaart, Kamila Wolszczak is a matter mediator, counter-narratives inventor with strong communication skills and a thirst for knowledge. She creates performance, text and installation projects based on the relations between self-organized public side space and artifacts and human traces.

Hgtomi Rosa is an artist-run space, collective and initiative established in The Hague since September 2019 — both studio space and project/exhibition space, in which public showing and making process are inseparable.

Participating artists: Jan Dirk Adams, Kexin Hao, Laura Snijders, Hansje Struijk

Address: Helena van Deoverenplantsoen 3
(number 3. on the map)

All artists were invited to submit an object they believe is relevant to their (studio) practice, to be photographed and displayed as a profile picture.
©Téa Boyarchuk.